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Svetlana Hilko - on police reform

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Svetlana Hilko — on the reform of the police: "Any reform must begin with a public dialogue"

Svetlana Hilko, head of the NAM working group on reforming the MIA, answered the questions of Euroradio about the reform project. Below are the main quotes.

About the reform project

"Any reform should start with a public dialogue, and it is already underway: we have proposed a project to the Belarusians. As experts, we offer solutions, but we will certainly listen to both the citizens and the police officers themselves."

"Now we are working on roadmaps in order to understand what to do in the first month after the change of government: for example, to remove the heads of all divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and appoint those who temporarily perform their duties. Further, the talks will be held with the leaders and decisions will be made about the possibility of their continuation of the service."

On personnel for future MIA

"We need to create an environment where people want to work, develop and learn. If you have it, you do not even need a recertification. There are many competent specialists in the country who will continue to grow and serve for the good of Belarus."

"Not all of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is involved in torture and other crimes. But every employee who was present when these occurred will be required to be interviewed or questioned during the investigative process so that we understand the extent of their guilt. If we talk about inaction, we will assess whether the person could really influence the situation."

About rehabilitation for police officers

"The concept of rehabilitation of victims of political repression of the NAM presupposes, among other things, assistance to the police officers who suffered from them. After all, they and their families continue to be threatened with dismissal, and many have already lost their jobs because of their views."

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