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Will Lukashenko fight for Putin?

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The NAM’s head Pavel Latushka on Khodorkovsky Live

The check of the reaction forces, which has begun in Belarus, provides an opportunity to assess the potential of the army’s involvement in the war. The goal is to draw Ukraine’s armed forces to the border with Belarus as much as possible in order to weaken possible opposition to Russian forces in Donbass.

There is no response to Makei’s letter, in which he tried to justify to Western politicians that the participation of the Lukashenko regime in the war in Ukraine is a lie. Because no European diplomats today have any plans to start a dialogue with Lukashenko.

Propaganda says that its main task is to preserve the security of Russia and Belarus, justifying the screening of response forces by alleged provocations from Ukraine.

Everyone understands Lukashenko’s status and the role he plays in the war with Ukraine. His role is unquestioning obedience to Putin and giving the territory of Belarus to carry out aggression.

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