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Digest: November 15 - 28

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General plan for a "referendum", non-recognition and prosecution of the regime, the Rehabilitation Commission and a fresh program of activities for supporters of change

The Democratic Forces announced an action plan for a "referendum". Pavel Latushka informed the Office of the UN High Commissioner about the violation of human rights in Belarus. The collection of ideas on the procedure for the rehabilitation of victims of repression has begun. Details are in the digest.

And below is a new program for advocates of change:

Constitutional "referendum"

Civil Initiatives *Honest people, Zubr and the ""Voice" platform, with the participation of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s Office, the NAM and the Coordination Council, agreed on a position on the "referendum" planned by the regime. On the day of "voting", we should not just come to the polling stations, but show an active boycott, make the criminal "plebiscite" invalid. To re-express disagreement with the illegitimate government, to loudly say "NO!" to it.

Many Belarusians also support this position — this is indicated by the results of numerous polls and discussions.

We remind you exactly how we propose to act in the "referendum":
  1. we repeat, be sure to come to the polling stations on the day of "voting";
  2. put crosses in front of all the options proposed in the bulletin;
  3. to photograph the invalid ballot paper;
  4. put the ballot in the ballot box and confirm your action online.

And if you are called to the election commission, by all means agree (and do not forget to inform the community about it * Honest people through a chat bot or e-mail). The more supporters of change there are inside this falsification machine, the more effectively we can resist it.

Bringing the regime to justice

The NAM team continues to make every possible effort to ensure that Lukashenka and the rest of those guilty of crimes against the Belarusian (and not only) people are called to account. And it reminds us that everyone can contribute. One of the ways to draw even more attention to the crisis in Belarus is to transfer information about the lawlessness in our country to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. The Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka has already done the same.

If you have suffered from human rights violations in Belarus, do not be silent. You will find a link to a template for submitting information and instructions in the text of this post. Deadline for accepting applications: until December 15 inclusive.

Non-recognition of Lukashenka

In the future, the regime’s accomplices must be punished — and right now, world leaders must, among other things, publicly declare their non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government (as the leaderships of Germany and Lithuania have already done). In addition, absolutely everyone — politicians, journalists, opinion leaders — must immediately stop calling Lukashenka president, regardless of the context. This will demonstrate to the whole planet a sharp rejection of the dictator and show him his true place.

Such a joint address was made by Sviatlana Tsikhanovskaya and her representative for international affairs Valery Kovalevsky, as well as members of the NAM: Pavel Latushka, Vladzimir Astapenka and Lena Zhivoglod. And each of you, we remind you, can sign a petition not to recognize Lukashenka (see the text of the post).

Rehabilitation of victims of repression

While a digital platform for collecting data on victims of political repression is in development, we are starting discussions about the future rehabilitation procedure. These days we are collecting your opinions and ideas on how the National Rehabilitation Commission should look and work, which the government of New Belarus will authorize to consider the cases of the repressed. Share your vision with us, it is important to restore justice after defeating the regime.

We believe that the Commission should include legal experts and human rights defenders, economists, doctors and psychologists, representatives of the media, trade unions and civil society, as well as former political prisoners. And that the main principles of its work should be the rule of law, transparency, accountability and collegiality. What do you think?

External economic pressure

We have received a response from Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, to our letter of granting the IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) to the regime.

Mr. Borrell assured that the dictatorship will not be able to convert SDR into euros in any of the EU central banks — this would be a violation of sanctions, namely the ban on the provision of investment services to the regime. In addition, he referred to the European Parliament Resolution on Belarus, calling on the EU countries "to coordinate their actions with international partners in multilateral organizations such as the IMF in order to limit the allocation of funds to the Lukashenka regime and freeze any cooperation with him." This not only means direct guidance to action, but also gives hope that other principles of the Resolution will actually work, including the non-recognition of the dictator.

Time to act together!

The victory over the dictatorship is the business of each of us. We are offering to you:
  • wear masks and comply with other safety rules in a pandemic;
  • disseminate information about our plan for a "referendum", and if you are called to the election commission — give consent and notify the community about it *Honest people;
  • write an appeal to the Office of the UN High Commissioner on the violation of human rights in Belarus;
  • sign a petition demanding non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government;
  • tell us how, in your opinion, the National Commission for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Repression should work;
  • withdraw all money from cards and take deposits from banks, declare a "boycott" not to a "referendum", but to excisable goods and expensive new clothes;
  • to support political prisoners and members of the student movement.

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