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German Prosecutor General orders monitoring of Lukashenka regime’s crimes

The monitoring process is a preliminary stage in the official procedure for the preparation of future investigations against the Belarusian officials and security officials involved in the crimes. The German lawyer Onur Zeata, who represents a group of lawyers who filed an application in Germany against the Belarusian dictator, said that the story of Roman Protasevich once again confirms that "Lukashenka is running a criminal regime".

Mikhail Kirilyuk, responsible for justice issues in the NAM, explained the significance of such a decision:

— The German general prosecutor’s office has taken the case under observation. This is a preliminary stage followed by the investigation itself. However, the mere fact of surveillance is a big step. The initiation of the procedure means that the commission of the crimes described in the application on the territory of another country has not become a formal obstacle for the German prosecutor’s office.

As a reminder, in early May German lawyers filed an application with the German prosecutor’s office against Lukashenka — for crimes against humanity.

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