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Former TUT.BY team launched new media

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Command appeal:
— We are part of the former editorial team and social networks of TUT.BY. We are also you, our readers., like TUT.BY, can (and should) be read. We will continue to publish the most important news of the social and political life of Belarus.

In, as in TUT.BY, you can (and should) write about painful things. We will continue to read all your letters and solve pressing problems together with you: from disconnecting hot water (here we will not be left without work) to queues and ships (here, unfortunately, too).

Social networks TUT.BY will now become social networks, with time they will change their names. They are still being handled by the team that you know and trust," says the message from the TUT.BY / team.

Add a new address to your bookmarks, tell your relatives and friends about the launch, tell about the project in your social networks. Together we will make sure that TUT.BY returns to a familiar address.

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