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Lena Zhivoglod - on the constitutional referendum and the meaning of the participation of Belarusians in it

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The NAM coordinator and leader of the community *Honest people Lena Zhivoglod told Euroradio why it is necessary to participate in the constitutional reform even with the current situation in the country and how democratic forces see further actions. Below are the main points.

Consciousness of choice

"The point of our campaign on constitutional reform is to involve Belarusians in the discussion process. The regime knows what it wants. And what do we, Belarusians, want? We considered it important to talk with citizens about the Constitution, about how they see New Belarus, so that our Constitution really is popular. "

"In addition to the referendum itself, there is a stage preceding it, the purpose of which is for the Belarusians to understand what they want by the time of voting, so that their choice is conscious. We communicated with people just in order to immerse them in context, because many did not even read the existing edition. "

[Not] participating in a referendum

"*Honest People", "Zubr" and "Voice" are already developing tools and a campaign, preparing to offer Belarusians a protest vote so that people come to the polling stations and express disagreement with the regime. In what form — an invalid, spoiled or taken away ballot, or something else — is being discussed. But, in our opinion, this is definitely not a boycott. The meaning of our participation is that we together say "no" to the Lukashenka regime.

"We need to turn the infrastructure created by Lukashenka in the form of polling stations and the agenda set by him in our favor. And if in 2020 we focused on fixing falsifications, then this time it is critical to perceive the referendum as an opportunity to mobilize Belarusians. The step should be thought out and proposed by the democratic forces: to stay at the polling stations, activate the Peramoga plan, start a strike or something else. And the Belarusians themselves will decide. "

"You can live in a 'standby mode' with only Lukashenka in the arena, or you can act as actors yourself. We are trying to move along the second path."

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