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The concept of rehabilitation: the most debated issues

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Creating Laws for New Belarus Together: Public Discussion of the Draft Law on Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression Continues

About a week ago we publicly discussed the draft law on rehabilitation of the repressed by the regime, prepared by one of our sympathizers on the basis of the NAM Concept. The discussion is real and open — unlike those usually held by the dictatorship.

In these days we have received dozens of feedbacks, almost all of them positive about the project. Judging by the feedback, Belarusians agree with the timeliness of this initiative and believe that the regime will fall soon, after which the victims of repression should be restored to an honest name as soon as possible, their rights fully restored and proper assistance provided. And here are the issues of primary concern to the participants in the discussion:

  • The statute of limitations stipulated in the draft. Let us make a note: we intend to rehabilitate the victims of the regime’s repressions for the entire period of its existence, that is, since 20 July 1994.

  • The source of funding for rehabilitation and reparation for victims. According to the proposed draft law, the main — but not the only — source here would be recoveries from perpetrators of repression.

  • Promptness of decision-making. We should remind you that we believe that politically motivated defendants and those who have been imprisoned or detained at the time of the fall of the regime should be released immediately. The rest of the procedural issues will be dealt with as quickly as possible, but with a focus on the quality of this work.

The public consultation on the draft is ongoing, which means that if you haven’t had time to study the document and share your thoughts, you can still do so. And if you feel empowered to help us develop this and other draft laws for New Belarus, please let us know by email.

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