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EKN freezes loan insurance for purchase of turbines at BelNPP

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"Sweden's EKN has frozen the deal pending proceedings after calls from journalists". Swedish TV criticizes local company for cooperation with the regime

Siemens is supplying gas turbines to BelNPP, German banks have issued a loan for their purchase and the Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN) is to insure the loan.

The NAM, as part of its campaign to deprive Lukashenka’s regime of money, appealed to Swedish partners and demanded that they refuse any deals with the dictator.

A TV4 channel report said that "Sweden froze aid to state institutions in Belarus and supported EU sanctions against the Lukashenko regime. But at the end of September, when violence in Belarus reached its peak, the Swedish authorities decided to support a billion-dollar deal with the dictator."

It is EKN that insures the loan, thus helping the Belarusian company Brestenergo to buy gas turbines.

Just days after Kalla Fakta’s editors started asking questions about it, EKN said it was freezing the deal pending further investigation. The Swedish company received another round of criticism for this response: the channel’s journalists believe that EKN should have looked into the matter itself, without prompting from the media.

The National Anti-Crisis Management will continue to insist that the Swedish company refuses to insure the loan. Every refusal to cooperate with an illegitimate regime helps the Belarusians get closer to defeating the dictatorship.

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