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Political prisoners were released from Belarusian prisons only thanks to sanctions

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Sanctions are one of the most effective methods of pressure on dictatorial regimes. Modern history has shown that only thanks to sanctions, political prisoners were released from Belarusian prisons. It is important to understand: this is a forced measure — and we must always remember that responsibility for the imposition of sanctions rests only with Lukashenka and his accomplices.

For a terrorist attack on a peaceful aircraft, not the employees dismissed from Belavia, but those who gave the criminal order should be held accountable.

Workers in the larg enterprises should receive high wages and bonuses, and not be fired for trying to defend their legal rights.

Law enforcement officers should receive their wages not for capturing dissidents or beating up peaceful demonstrators, but for protecting Belarusian citizens from arbitrariness and torture.

When there is peace in the country, when elections are not rigged, when people are not killed in the streets and thousands of Belarusians are not tortured in prisons, sanctions are not needed. But right now all these terrible things are happening in Belarus. And we must stop them. That is why we have a responsibility to mobilize the international community.

Our task is to make the sanctions effective, then they will be short-term.

Sign the open letter in support of the sanctions.

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