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The army's principle of "collective responsibility" will destroy the regime

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When a regime is in power, the main support of which is the security forces — the whole country gradually comes to life according to the army regulations. One of these regulations is the principle of "collective responsibility".

Everyone who served in army is well acquainted with it — when the whole company pushes up on the parade ground for the fault of one. This is how the so-called "army discipline" is formed — through the fear of framing the collective and causing its hatred. After all, the object of hatred is not the commander who unfairly forces everyone to do push-ups, but the one because of whose fault everyone is forced to do push-ups.

So today, the dictator is the person because of whom all Belarusians (including his entourage) will be forced to "do push-ups" under EU and US sanctions. And they will do push-ups until he fulfills three conditions for the lifting of sanctions. And they are very simple: release all political prisoners, stop the repression and leave.

Today, the West quite rightly speaks with the Lukashenko regime in its own language. After all, it is only such a language that he is able to understand.
But there is an important difference between the army’s collective responsibility and the actions of the West — one person is objectively to blame for the "push-ups" under sanctions. We all know who he is. As soon as he leaves, the sanctions will be lifted immediately. And all of us can either speed up this process, or "push-ups" together with the dictator.

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