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The NAM supports the position of the "Belaruskali"

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The NAM supports the position of the "Belaruskali" strike committee and advocates the termination of the contract by the Norwegian Yara company. 

In August, 6,500 employees of “Belaruskali” signed up to people’s demands. Since then, the repression of workers has only intensified. Six of them were prosecuted for political reasons. Five of them had to flee the country, one of them, Andrei Prilutsky, was detained on the request of the Belarusian regime in Russia. We are fighting for his release right now. And Ruslan Okostko, an electrician at the mine, has already been sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Quite recently, on February 28, 7 representatives of the “Belaruskali” strike committee were detained. They say that they were beaten: both during their arrest and at the ROVD. Pepper gas was also used against them.

The National Anti-Crisis Management calls on Yara company to terminate any business relationship with “Belaruskali”, including work on existing agreements and the conclusion of new commercial contracts until the internal political crisis in Belarus is resolved and the relevant requirements of the strike committee are met.

This is important in order to keep putting pressure on the Lukashenka’s regime. It is important that workers will never again be driven to work with truncheons. 

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