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Appeal of the democratic forces to the international community

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"We call on a large-scale and effective response to Lukashenka’s crimes — otherwise he will continue." Appeal of the democratic forces to the international community.

The situation in Belarus is getting worse every day: the regime is persecuting independent journalists and bloggers, more than 450 people have already been recognized as political prisoners in the country (real number of political prisoners is much higher), and the repression is only growing. Power in Belarus has been seized by an illegitimate dictator who is not recognized in other countries, and Lukashenka himself has become a threat not only for Belarusians, but for the whole world. With the closed land border and the cancellation of air travel, Belarusians become prisoners of a concentration camp, which our country is turning into, under the occupation regime of Lukashenka.

We call on the international community to force Lukashenko to answer not only for the hijacking of the plane and the kidnapping of Roman Protasevich and Sophia Sapieha, but also for all his crimes; take comprehensive and effective measures to prevent recurrence of such situations in the future.

Democratic forces welcome the readiness of US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the crisis in Belarus on June 16, and insist that such negotiations should be based on respect of the Belarussian independence and sovereignty.

We are confident that with solidarity and effective world community measures, Belarusians will be able to find ways to resolve the deep political crisis in the country.

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