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Sign a US petition to help stop repressions in Belarus and demand new presidential elections

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Belarusians in the USA have prepared a petition to impose sanctions on the Lukashenko regime. Any legal adult resident of the USA can sign the petition. If you yourself do not reside in the USA, tell your American friends and acquaintances about the petition.

How to sign?

Send the following text messages


in a way that is convenient for you:

Telegram: @resistbot
iMessage: Resistbot
SMS: 50 409
Twitter: resistbot
Facebook: Resistbot

The full text of the petition and detailed instructions can be found here

Important! Petition codes may change if you need to change the wording of your appeal, so bookmark this document and refer to it for the latest information.

The Voice platform provides information support for the petition. You can do the same. Forward this message to friends and acquaintances in the USA, or those who have such friends. Our overall task is to make Belarus a priority topic in the US Congress and the White House.

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