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"It is in your power to restore law in the country — join us. We will build a New Belarus together". Appeal of Democratic Forces to Belarusian Officials

Today we want to address both supporters of democratic change and those who continue to support the regime.

There is no doubt that Lukashenka has become irreversibly toxic for the international community. What the people of Belarus have been trying to show for so many months has finally become obvious to the world. But now he has also become a threat to those who have been by his side all along. His reckless actions are worsening every day the situation of everyone who is in any way connected with the authorities in Belarus: we are talking about officials of all levels, businessmen and others.

There is nowhere else to run away from the future, it is time to accept responsibility for it. Resolve this crisis and stop the man leading the country into the abyss. This is our common task, and only then will we finally be able to make long-term plans and develop our country.
Resign, join the democratic forces, the whole country is looking at you now. It is in your power not only to resign in time, but also to restore law in the country.

We shall build a New Belarus together. And we should start now!

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