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How to prevent those on the sanctions list from avoiding sanctions?

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How every Belarusian can make sanctions against the regime more effective

Belarusian companies and business people will try to avoid sanctions. They are already doing so. Perpetrators of repressions and falsifications are leaving their companies' boards so the companies are able to avoid sanctions. Legal entities hit by sanctions continue economic relations with the EU countries, the USA, Canada and the UK through dummy companies.

What data can be sent to help sanctions be as effective as possible:

  • all available information on the change of owners or re-registration of the enterprises under sanctions, as well as on the re-registration of companies owned by individuals under sanctions to other persons;

  • all available information about Belarusian companies under sanctions which continue to trade with European companies through other entities, bypassing the sanctions;

  • data on the affiliation of individuals under sanctions with Belarusian and other companies so that persons and companies responsible for human rights violations do not escape justice.

Please send all information to the National Anti-Crisis Management bot.

Be it just your tips about the attempts of specific companies and persons to avoid sanctions, or actual documents confirming such facts, any available information is important to us. This is a contribution to the common cause.

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