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The regime is firing whole departments of Belarusian officials

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Regime fires whole departments of Belarusian officials: civil servants from ministries and national centres face layoffs

In the middle of the month, sectoral chats for civil servants were launched with the support of the *Honest People community. In anonymous chats, civil servants from various sectors discuss current news, the real situation in their organisations, protection against reprisals and other important topics. Everything is completely confidential; no one has access to a number or even a name on Telegram.

Over the course of our work, we have received many reports that the regime is prepared to dismiss indispensable specialists in whole departments.

Dismissals have been recorded in the Ministry of Finance, in the Ministry of Taxes and Duties, including the dismissal of the deputy minister, in the National Centre of Legislation and Legal Research, in the National Centre of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus and in many other structures:

— Ministry of Taxes and Duties: 19 people forced to sign resignation letters;
— Ministry of Finance: employees fired in one day for refusing to participate in a pro-government rally;
— In one district tax office, four people were forced to write their own resignations because of their political stance.

All these stories send a clear message to all employees of the state administration: the regime only cares about itself, and it is ready to fire anyone, if necessary. Lukashenka is ready to repress not only those who are ready to take a civic stand. The only way to protect himself is to do the maximum to bring Belarus closer to freedom and democracy.

All honest officials are welcome to join for communication, mutual support and sharing of experiences in anonymous industry chats, which can be accessed after logging in via the "Dialogue with the People" chatbot through a link in your profile.

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