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The NAM Digest: 3 - 16 May

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Еhe cultural front, external political pressure, our Victory Day and "homework" for supporters of changes

The action plan in the field of culture, external political pressure on the regime, drafting laws for New Belarus — these and other news of our work are featured in the traditional the NAM digest.

We invite you to read the details in the cards and contribute to our common victory in the ways listed below:
- continue your economic protest: withdraw money from your accounts and convert it into currency, withdraw deposits from banks, try to refrain from consuming tobacco and alcohol, don’t buy 95 gasoline — it’s simple, safe and effective.
— write an appeal to the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, House of Representatives, Council of the Republic, and Council of Ministers on the illegality of Lukashenka’s signed decree on the transfer of power to the Security Council in the event of his violent death.
— share your views on the drafts of the MIA reform and the law on rehabilitation of victims of political repression.

1: A cultural front

New the NAM member Natalya Zaderkovskaya, former head of the Department of Culture and Folk Art of the Ministry of Culture, has presented a cultural action plan which includes:
— рelping repressed cultural workers and informing Belarusians and the international community about the violation of their rights;
— combating propaganda and censorship in the field of culture;
— protection of the historical and cultural heritage of Belarus; and
— developing a programme of cultural reform together with the Belarus Culture Solidarity Fund.

2: Our Victory Day

Belarusians honored the participants in the Great Patriotic War by laying flowers at memorial sites both in and outside their homeland, launching fireworks in their courtyards at the symbolic time of 23:34, and taking to the streets of their cities to celebrate 9 May. In honor of Victory Day, the NAM participants and supporters of change also read poems by Belarusian poets about our people’s struggle against fascism — watch the videos by searching with the tag #ВершыПерамогi.

3: External political pressure

German lawyers have filed a statement initiated by the Belarusians on the crimes against humanity of the Lukashenka regime with the German public prosecutor’s office. This will contribute to the criminal prosecution of the dictator and his henchmen under the principle of universal jurisdiction, while the NAM, in turn, will continue the campaign to have Lukashenka recognized as a terrorist as part of the "Spring 2021. Belarusian Liberation".

4: External political pressure

The NAM, together with the Belarusian Sports Solidarity Foundation and the Belarusians abroad, continue to push for the postponement of the European Cycling Championships to be held in late June from Minsk. Denmark and Lithuania have expressed their willingness to host the forum, with the former being able to cover the costs of the relocation.

5: External political pressure

The NAM has sent letters to ministers responsible for education in the European Union, the Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission, as well as the European Students' Union, asking them to draw attention to the violation of the rights of students and teachers in Belarus. We expect European officials and organisations to have an impact on this issue and to help create a resonance around the "Students' Case".

6: Rehabilitation of victims of political repression

The public debate on the draft law on the rehabilitation of victims of the illegal actions of the dictatorship, which was developed based on our Rehabilitation Concept, continues. We have received and analysed dozens of your feedbacks and we invite everyone to join in the further preparation of the rehabilitation procedure.

7: Police for New Belarus

The official website of the NAM’s MIA reform project — — has a new section where we address the most common, relevant, and urgent questions about the future of reform. We encourage you to read the answers and continue to send us your feedback to improve the project.

8: It’s time to act together!

Every one of you can bring the day of our common victory closer. We invite you to:
— support the ATM-exchange-bank action: withdraw money from your cards and convert it into currency and take your deposit out of the bank;
— write an appeal to the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the House of Representatives, the Council of the Republic and the Council of Ministers about the illegality of Decree No 2 signed by Lukashenka;
— join in the drafting of the MIA reform and the law on the rehabilitation of victims of political repression.

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