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NAM applied to Visa and MasterCard

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The NAM asks the Visa and MasterCard payment systems to refuse any relations with the state banks that pay salaries to Belarusian law enforcers

In early March the NAM sent letters to foreign banks Citibank, Raiffeisen, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank asking them to close the correspondent accounts of banks that serve the security forces. For Belarusian state-owned banks this means that they will not be able to conduct international transactions.

We also asked the Visa and MasterCard payment systems to consider suspending relations with state-owned banks in Belarus as long as they continue servicing sanctioned entities and people.

Together with external pressure, every Belarusian can refuse to have any relations with the Belarusian state-owned banks, in which the law enforcers receive their salaries: "Belarusbank", "Belagroprombank" and "Belinvestbank".

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