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We continue the people’s sanctions to win!

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Together with the US and EU sanctions, we all need to introduce our own — indefinite popular sanctions

Before leaving for a tent meeting on the Polish-Belarusian border, Pavel Latushka and Elena Zhivoglod appealed to Belarusians to actively join the people’s sanctions.

"Ask yourself — have you got used to the horrors that the Lukashenka’s regime creates? Have you gotten used to living in a country where human rights have ceased to exist? "

If your answer is no — make people’s sanctions your new permanent habit until our common victory:

1) We constantly withdraw money from bank cards and refuse non-cash payments as much as possible.

2) We do not make unnecessary, especially expensive, purchases in order to cut off VAT receipts.

3) We are actively buying currency, and in rubles we keep only the minimum necessary for life.

4) We take all deposits from banks. The share of irrevocable deposits in major state banks is only 35−40%. But even they can be revoked.

5) We introduce national sanctions on fuel — we reduce the consumption of gasoline and diesel to a minimum and participate in the "Walking Monday" campaign.

"We cannot agree with what Lukashenka’s regime has already done and is doing to us and our country. But we can make it impossible for him to continue. The main thing is to act. Act every day!"

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