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Rehabilitation of victims of political repression

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Pavel Latushkа about the approval of the Concept of rehabilitation of victims of political repressions in Belarus

— The release of political prisoners and an end to repression is one of the three key demands of the Belarusians. We have no right to stop. We will put an end to any repressions in the history of our country forever," emphasized Pavel Latushko.

The NAU team has approved the Concept of Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression carried out by Lukashenko’s dictatorship since July 20, 1994. The Concept assumes both the release of those imprisoned and detained for political reasons and the assistance and compensation to other victims of the unlawful actions of the authorities.

National Anti-Crisis Management
National Anti-Crisis Management

NAU proceeds from the demands of the Belarusian people, including the unconditional release of political prisoners, as well as an end to violence and repression, and will continue to do everything possible to have them fulfilled. Those repressed by the regime are the heroes of the country, who must build the New Belarus, not languish in prison.

The concept provides for the release of all those accused and convicted for political reasons immediately after Lukashenko’s resignation from office and the establishment of the legitimate authority in Belarus.

Those against whom a politically motivated criminal or administrative case has been initiated can also count on rehabilitation. Those who have been tortured and beaten. Those who have been dismissed or expelled from universities for their views and beliefs. Those who have been expelled from the country and whose businesses have been taken away. All those repressed will have their rights fully restored, and they will be able to return to the country and continue their work and study.

The victims of the regime will receive financial compensation and legal, psychological and medical help. A commission will be set up for this purpose, which will include respected lawyers, economists, human rights activists and public figures, as well as a fund formed from the national budget, international support, donations from citizens and businesses, and recoveries from those responsible for the repressions.

The concept can serve as a basis for new legal acts for the rehabilitation of the repressed after the fall of the regime. We urge victims to gather evidence of the illegal actions of the dictatorship against themselves and their relatives now in order to accelerate the process of rehabilitation and bring the perpetrators of repression to justice.

⇲ Decision on the Approval of the Concept of Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression in the Republic of Belarus

⇲ Concept of rehabilitation of victims of political repression in the Republic of Belarus

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