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What to expect from US sanctions and how to block a billion for Lukashenka from the IMF?

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The head of the NAM Pavel Latushka answers.

Key points:

  • The decision on sanctions is made by the United States and we have no direct influence on it. However, as part of this process, we prepared an analytical note, where we outlined proposals for increasing pressure on the regime and handed it over to our American partners.

  • We focus on secondary, extraterritorial sanctions. It is a unique tool that will help block the regime’s loopholes to circumvent sanctions.

  • To prevent the regime from taking countermeasures, we hid part of the note during publication. When the US sanctions package is announced, we will publish the rationale for the hidden items that will be included in it.

  • In addition to sanctions, the key point of pressure is the campaign against the regime’s access to IMF resources. Our task is to block access for the Lukashenka regime to the SDR account of Belarus in the IMF, where SDRs in the amount of $ 1 billion will be distributed.

  • If successful, the regime will not simply not receive a billion. It will face a default on Eurobonds worth more than $ 3 billion, since one of the conditions for their issue is access to the IMF resources. In addition, this will make it difficult for the regime to obtain loans from Russia — access to the IMF’s resources is also a condition for obtaining them.

What can everyone do?

1) Send letters to the members of the IMF Board of Governors demanding to block access to the SDR account for the Lukashenka regime.
Examples of messages:

2) All Belarusians — communicate our position to the IMF using its social networks:

Examples of messages:

  • Lukashenka’s regime is no better than Maduro’s. The IMF should block access to the SDR account for him!
  • IMF, hear the voice of Belarusians! The access to the SDR account for Lukashenka’s illegitimate regime should be blocked!

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