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The People's Constitution Campaign: we tell you why it is safe to participate in It

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Every adult citizen of Belarus can join the People’s Constitution campaign to help create and submit to a referendum a draft of Basic Law that will work for the benefit of the people, not the regime. We explain why it is safe.

1) Platform *Honest Choice, which is the People’s Constitution campaign, is based on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure that meets high IT security standards. Its executable code and all data are physically located outside Belarus.

2) All data that the platform collects is stored encrypted using a secure AES-256 algorithm. The data is used only for the operation of the system and is not transferred to third parties in any form.

3) The bot requests only the minimum set of personal information necessary for the platform to function and to ensure the integrity of the vote:

  • The phone number requested when registering in Telegram and Viber is only needed to verify that it belongs to a Belarusian telecom operator and to ensure the uniqueness of users. In this case, the system does not store a phone number, but only an impersonal identifier, from which it is impossible to recover the number.

  • The Telegram or Viber user ID is needed in order for the bot to send you messages, and is stored using an additional layer of encryption.

  • To check Belarusian citizenship, users with a non-Belarusian phone number are also asked for a photo of the last page of the passport (if desired, the number and series, as well as the passport identification number, can be hidden). It is not saved in the system, it is sent to only one moderator and is automatically deleted from the moderator’s chat history immediately after verification.

4) The votes cast on the platform during popular voting are not tied to the user and are completely anonymous. Your vote is used solely for counting results.

Register on the platform *Fair choice — and together we will seek the adoption of the Constitution that we deserve!

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