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What will the new loans to state-owned enterprises be used for?

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"Don't risk your freedom for the sake of your job". The NAM justice team leader Mikhail Kirilyuk appealed to the leadership of Belarusian state-owned enterprises

We have previously covered how state-owned companies are preparing to take out loans at the new refinancing rate to pay quarterly taxes.

Today we are appealing to the management of these enterprises and warning them of the consequences.

— What will happen to you in a couple of months if you take out these loans? You realise that you won’t be able to pay them back — the company’s financial situation won’t allow it. You know this, but you think that if you can pay your taxes with the loans, you will get away with it this time.

— The regime is doing to you the same way it did to the security forces — by making you liable to criminal charges. None of those who are forcing you to take out loans today will be held accountable.

— You have to understand: the most frequent defendants in such cases are not ministers, not heads of administrations, but company executives.

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