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“ATM-exchange-bank” action

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The "ATM-change-bank" action is more than a form of protest. It is a real people’s movement that brings more and more people together.

With a simple formula, together we achieve a direct economic effect (the withdrawal of 44% of foreign currency deposits is just one example of Belarusians acting together), and at the same time, we create a new attribute of protest.

Every time we withdraw money from a card or buy even 5−10 dollars, we are not just performing a habitual action — we are protesting. And we are fighting the regime without risking ourselves or our money.

But most importantly, we tell each other about the action, attracting new participants to the economic protest movement. And here are just a few examples of how Belarusians themselves are spreading the word and creating more and more creative formats to do so:

1) A new character, "BOB", whose name was given by the acronym of the "ATM-exchange-bank" action (from Russian "БОБ" - Банкомат-Обменник-Банк). You may have seen him in various telegram channels and chat rooms. And now its creators have created their own channel where they share sketches from BOB’s life and tell how he deprives the regime of money while keeping his own. We recommend you subscribe!

2) ATM-exchange-bank drawings on banknotes. The first such drawings started appearing just a few days after the promotion was launched. Some of them eventually showed the familiar BOB.

3) Creative videos. One such video was sent to us on 1 April by a subscriber, in which a trio of notorious Belarusian officials "sang" a song about our campaign.

4) Creative leaflets. The most recent example is flyers about two Belarusian banks, serving the law enforcement officers. The authors of the leaflets described how the customers of "Belinvestbank" and "Belagroprombank" become involuntary participants in "non-contact violence" against peaceful Belarusians — and how this can be avoided.

We are confident that the "ATM-exchange-bank" (or BOB) movement will only grow. After all, today the BOB is all of us.

And such a BOB is definitely beyond the regime’s grasp!

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