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New presidential and parliamentary elections within three months

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Pavel Latushka’s proposal for the people’s draft Constitution

Any adult citizen of Belarus can influence how the final version of the people’s draft of the Constitution will look, which thousands of people have already demanded from the illegitimate authorities to submit to a referendum.

Until August 27, each of you can participate in public discussions, and soon the popular vote on a number of provisions of the draft will begin. Share your suggestions, ask questions — and together we will write a Constitution that will serve the people and put an end to the dictatorship in our country forever.

The head of the NAM also shared his idea for the people’s draft of the Constitution. Pavel Latushko proposes to register in the amendments to the draft a provision on holding new presidential and parliamentary elections within a maximum of 90 days after the document is adopted at a referendum.

What would you like to see in the people’s draft of the Constitution? Share your thoughts:

You can study the proposals and questions of other citizens, as well as familiarize yourself with the comments of the authors of the draft Constitution of New Belarus in this table, which is updated every week.

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