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The NAM appealed to the Norwegian authorities

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The NAM appealed to the Norwegian authorities with a request to influence the business cooperating with the dictatorship

The National Anti-Crisis Management has sent a letter to the representatives of the Norwegian authorities proposing to support the demand of the Belarusians to terminate the current contracts with Belarus state-owned enterprises, in particular "Belaruskali". The document was sent to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, the Ministry of Agriculture, Norwegian deputies, as well as to the Norwegian embassies in European countries.

The letter emphasizes that Belarusians have repeatedly appealed to the management of Yara with a request to suspend current contacts with "Belaruskali" and refrain from signing new agreements until the end of mass repressions. The NAM also reminds that the Norwegian government, as the main shareholder of Yara (the Norwegian government owns 36.2% of the shares), has not yet initiated a verification of the compliance of Yara’s investments in Belarus with the ESG criteria for responsible investment. This is despite the fact that Danish investment funds have gotten rid of Belarusian government bonds because of the political situation in the country and the non-compliance of these investments with ESG standards. ⠀

The NAM calls on Norway to take concrete steps to review cooperation with "Belaruskali", recalling the August 2020 election fraud and the subsequent wave of violence by the authorities.

The NAM also draws attention to the situation at "Belaruskali" itself: the participants in the strike committee were dismissed, many went through arrests, 30 people were forced to leave the country. The administration of the enterprise replaces qualified workers with people from other departments, whose skills are not always suited to their new positions, increasing the risk of workplace emergencies. Since the beginning of this year, at least seven incidents have occurred at "Belaruskali".

The letter expresses the hope that the Norwegian authorities will show solidarity with the people of Belarus and influence Yara’s decision to terminate the contract with "Belaruskali".

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