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Pavel Latushka met with the leadership of the Ministry and Polish cultural organizations at the Ministry of Culture of Poland

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Earlier, Pavel Latushka and the NAM team submitted a petition to the Ministry of Culture of Poland to provide assistance to Belarusian cultural workers who suffered from the regime. A number of working meetings and discussions took place.

During today’s meeting, the following algorithm of assistance to cultural figures was developed.

In the near future, the Theater Institute will announce a competition for scholarships for artists and theater staff from Belarus for the period October-December 2021.

It is planned that 30 participants of the program will receive a scholarship for the period of their internship. The artists will be trained in the leading theaters in Poland. The art residence will also be supported by the Adam Mickiewicz Polish Institute.

Information about the recruitment for the scholarship program will be on the website of the Theater Institute and on the NAM social networks.

The meeting also discussed assistance to various cultural workers from Belarus within the framework of the Gaude Polonia scholarship program. Applications for it are accepted until October 15, 2021.

The NAM expresses gratitude to the Ministry of Culture of Poland for the support of the repressed Belarusian cultural figures, and also calls on Belarusians and cultural figures from different countries who are in solidarity with us to join an open letter to UNESCO against the repression of Belarusian national culture.

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