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EBU suspends membership of Belteleradiocompany

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The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has suspended the membership of Belteleradiocompany in the organisation. This is our common achievement

The EBU said in an official statement that the organization is closely following the suppression of freedom of speech in Belarus and the repression of the media. The organisation supports Belteleradiocompany journalists who protested in the summer. The EBU has been monitoring the NSTRC’s coverage and has communicated its concerns to the management of Belarus' state TV station.

"In recent weeks we have been particularly disturbed by videos of people giving interviews under duress. In light of the exceptionality of the events, the EBU has no option but to suspend the membership of the National State Television and Radio Company", from the official press release of the European Broadcasting Union.

The European Broadcasting Union gave NHTRC two weeks to respond — before the decision takes effect.

The exclusion of NSTRC from the EBU entails image losses for Belarus and also hits the ego of the propagandists. Also, Belteleradiocompany will not be able to conduct Eurovision selections, broadcast some sports and use Union materials. This is another demonstration of the recognition of Lukashenka’s regime as illegitimate at the international level.

The NAM would like to thank the Cultural Solidarity Foundation and the diaspora, as well as all the Belarusians who addressed the EBU social media. This is our common achievement.

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