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Companies from the 4th package of sanctions: why did they get there?

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On Monday (21.06), the European Union adopted the fourth package of sanctions against the dictatorial regime: it included 78 individuals and 8 companies.

The adopted sanctions pursue common goals declared by the EU, including: combating corruption schemes to enrich the regime, ending repressions against civilians and countering the terrorist activities of the dictator.

"Belaeronavigatsia" took part in a terrorist attack against a Ryanair aircraft, forcing the pilots to land at the Minsk airport.

"Logex" and "Globalkastom Management" - both of these companies, under the auspices of Lukashenka, took control of the flower business in Belarus and Russia, thereby causing multimillion-dollar damage to the budgets of both countries.

"Bremino Group". The company, which has received huge benefits from Lukashenka as a logistics center, is engaged in the smuggling of tobacco and agricultural products. This is a joint asset of the "wallets" of the illegitimate president: Nikolai Vorobey, Alexey Oleksin and Alexander Zaitsev.

"New Oil Company" is another example of an artificially created monopolist under the control of Lukashenka’s "wallets": Nikolai Vorobey and Alexey Oleksin. The company takes the money received from the sale of petroleum products to the dictator offshore.

"BelAZ" and "MAZ". "BelAZ" brings big profits to Dmitry Lukashenko, who is a co-owner of the "BelAZ Trading House" and is robbing the company by selling trucks under corruption schemes in Russia. Against these illegal proceeds the sanctions are directed. The company itself will get a new chance only after Lukashenka and his entourage leave the country.

A similar situation with "MAZ". The same corruption schemes are used: through the "MAZ-Rus" dealer, cars are sold to Russia at a loss, and then they are resold with revenue. In addition, "MAZ" is infamous for the production of transport vehicles, in which mass beatings and torture of peaceful protesters took place.

Both enterprises are very important for the "family" of Lukashenka, that is why the harsh suppression of attempts to protest at enterprises and the dismissal of the strikers occured — this is another reason for sanctions.

"Sokhra" is a company of Alexander Zaitsev, which serves to transfer foreign exchange earnings from the export of Belarusian products to the Middle East and Africa to offshores. It also mines gold in African countries based on the concessions received by the Lukashenka’s regime.

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