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Belarus became an accomplice to aggression

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Deputy head of the NAM Vladzimir Astapenka on Belsat

Belarus is the only country on our continent that has not become a member of the Council of Europe and has not adopted the developed advanced standards for the protection of human rights. The decision on Belarus as part of the synchronization of sanctions for aggression against Ukraine was expected.

Belarus found itself in a very difficult economic, political and social crisis, provoked by the events in the country after the 2020 elections. All norms of international law say that Belarus has become an accomplice to aggression.

In the country, everything is done solely by the will of one person and no one asks the opinion of the people. This is an occupation under a puppet government that commits war crimes. Lukashenka and his accomplices should face an international criminal court in The Hague.

We are open to more active and deeper interaction with the Russian opposition forces. In the past, we did not have a common agenda for this. The complicity in the aggression of our two regimes creates the prerequisites for the democratic forces of the two sides to unite.

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