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The NAM digest: July 12-25

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Discussion of the draft Constitution of New Belarus, news of external economic pressure on the regime, first exhibits for the Museum of free Belarus and "homework" for caring citizens

Public discussions of the draft Constitution of New Belarus have started. Norway has joined the sectoral sanctions against the Lukashenka’s regime. The NAM presented to the US government a set of measures to put economic pressure on the dictatorship and continues its campaign to deprive the illegitimate government of access to the IMF resources. The first items were delivered to the Museum of Free Belarus. These and other news of the last two weeks are in our digest.

And here’s how each of you can help our common cause:
  • participate in the campaign "People's Constitution": register on the platform *Honest choice, ask the Constitutional Commission to consider our draft Basic Law and join the discussions on the draft Constitution of the New Belarus;
  • support the NAM and other democratic forces;
  • call on the IMF not to give a penny to the illegitimate government;
  • tell the UN about human rights violations in Belarus;
  • donate the exhibit to the Museum of free Belarus;
  • sign a petition for the administrations of foreign universities with a request to support Belarusian students and pause cooperation with Belarusian universities involved in the repression.
  • become part of the Peramoga mobilization plan.

People’s Constitution

The campaign "People's Constitution", within the framework of which the whole country will write a draft of the Basic Law and will promote it to a referendum, continues. The number of appeals that the Belarusians sent to the Constitutional Commission demanding to consider the people’s draft Constitution for submitting it to a referendum are already in the thousands. You can send an appeal until August 1 — for this you just need to register in the platform’s chatbot *Honest choice in Telegram or Viber and follow the instructions:

In addition, the campaign "People's Constitution" has entered the phase of broad discussion of the draft Constitution of New Belarus, on the basis of which a people’s draft of the Constitution will be created for promotion to the referendum. You can leave your suggestions and questions:
  • on the website;
  • -in the chatbot of the Svetlana Tikhanovskaya Office in Telegram;
  • in social networks of the NAM, community *Honest people and the Coordination Council;
  • on the website of the platform of people’s representatives SHOD and in its chatbot in Telegram.

All your reviews will certainly be considered and taken into account, because this is the "People's Constitution"! A detailed algorithm of discussions, popular votes and decision-making on amendments to the draft Constitution of New Belarus can be found on the website.

External economic pressure

The NAM prepared and sent to the "Friends of Belarus" group of the US Congress an analytical note on the effectiveness of additional measures of economic pressure on the Lukashenka’s regime. In the note, we outlined a range of possible actions aimed at depriving the dictatorship of funds: blocking access to IMF resources, extraterritorial and secondary sanctions, legislative acts and other instruments.

The NAM members are confident that external economic pressure on the regime should be uncompromising and coordinated. Such an approach will not only accelerate the fall of the dictatorship, but will do it without significant damage to the well-being of citizens.

The NAM’s campaign to strip illegitimate authorities of access to IMF money, including more than $ 1 billion in special borrowing rights, has received support in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Belarusian diaspora in the United States launched an open appeal to senators and congressmen demanding to use their vote in the IMF to block aid to the dictatorship. In turn, a group of British parliamentarians, representing all parties of Parliament, sent a similar appeal to the Chancellor of the Treasury of the country Rishi Sunak.

Let’s remind our requirements:
  • recognize the current head of the National Bank of Belarus Pavel Kallaur and Finance Minister Yuri Seliverstov as illegitimate representatives of the republic in the IMF;
  • maintain the allocated special drawing rights quota of over $ 1 billion for the future legitimate government of Belarus.

Norway joined the sectoral sanctions of the European Union against the Lukashenka’s regime. As a reminder, the EU sectoral sanctions package included restrictions on cooperation with Belarus in areas such as the oil and potash industry, government investment, loans and insurance, the banking sector, the tobacco industry and the supply of dual-use goods.

Restrictions on the import of potash fertilizers did not affect raw materials with potassium content of less than 40% and more than 62%, therefore, the cooperation of the Norwegian company Yara, which uses raw materials outside this range, with Belaruskali will continue. However, we will not stop work aimed at completely breaking the relationship between Yara and the Belarusian enterprise and strengthening sanctions by Norway against the Lukashenka’s regime as a whole.

Museum of Free Belarus

To the Museum of Free Belarus, dedicated to the fight of our people for freedom, the first exhibits came from Belarus, as well as from the diaspora in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. Among the items are digital copies of subscription lists and bulletins, leaflets, copies of letters and drawings of political prisoners, including Vitold Ashurak, who died under unexplained circumstances in the Shklov colony. And the artist from Grodno Rufina Bazlova handed over to the Museum three thematic works from her project "History of Belarusian Vyzhivanki".

If you have potential exhibits for the Museum of Free Belarus, please email us at @NAUsupport chatbot. We are collecting various documentary evidence of the 2020 elections and the protests that followed. If you wish, you can send us an exhibit anonymously.

Universal jurisdiction

The head of the NAM Pavel Latushka and the head of the team of lawyer’s department Mikhail Kirilyuk held a meeting with the managing partner of the largest law firm in Poland "Kopeć & Zaborowski" Matei Zaborowski. The meeting participants discussed the legal ways of applying universal jurisdiction in the interests of the tortured Belarusians and agreed on cooperation and legal assistance in Poland for the victims.

Universal jurisdiction is a tool designed to bring to justice those responsible for torture and repression against peaceful demonstrators even outside Belarus. Earlier, German lawyers formed and submitted to the country’s prosecutor’s office about 10 cases about Belarusians who had been tortured.

Cooperation for New Belarus

Margot Ellis, Deputy Administrator of the Bureau for Europe and Eurasia of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), visited the National Anti-Crisis Management office.

Earlier, USAID conducted programs in Belarus to develop civil society and private entrepreneurship, provide access to social services and help in the country’s transition to a market economy. Considering the impossibility of implementing many USAID programs in the current situation in Belarus, Margo Ellis and Pavel Latushka discussed future cooperation, including after the establishment of a new, legitimate government in the republic.
Time to act together!

The victory over the dictatorship in Belarus is the business of each of us. We are offering to you:
  • join the campaign "People's Constitution": register on the platform *Honest choice, send an appeal to the Constitutional Commission and participate in discussions around the draft Constitution of New Belarus;
  • support the NAM and other democratic forces using the DigitalSolidarity platform (for Android and iOS);
  • call on the IMF to deny the regime any access to the fund’s money;
  • send information to the UN about human rights violations in Belarus;
  • share with us an exhibit for the Free Belarus Museum;
  • sign a petition for the administrations of foreign universities demanding to protect Belarusian students and freeze partnerships with Belarusian universities involved in repression;
  • join the Peramoga mobilization plan.

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