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Each MAZ employee earned only 3.3 euros per year for his company!

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The second issue of the video section of the NAM "Destroyer of legends of the Belarusian industry"

Today we will talk about the legend of the Belarusian car industry — the Minsk Automobile Plant.
In each issue, we compare the industrial legends of Belarus with similar enterprises in the world.

And today MAZ and MAN auto concern will come together in the legendary battle.

What do you learn?

  • How many people work in both enterprises.
  • What are the sales volumes, net profit and operating profitability of MAZ and MAN for 2020.
  • How efficient is MAN in comparison to MAZ (be careful, the numbers may shock)
  • How many millions of euros lost the country’s economy in 2020 only on the example of MAZ.

And by tradition we are waiting for your conclusions in the comments.

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