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We will write and accept the People’s Constitution by the whole country!

Lukashenka’s regime is preparing a draft of a new Constitution in order to submit it to a republican referendum. Obviously, he does this not to improve the life of Belarusians, but to make the Basic Law even more convenient for himself and to attempt his own legitimization. You and I will not just interfere with this plan, but we will seek the adoption of the Constitution that we deserve, which will become the foundation for New Belarus and one of the ways to the election of a legitimate government with new powers.

Community * Honest people, with the participation of the NAM, the Public Constitutional Commission, the Cabinet of Representatives of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and the Coordination Council, launched the *Honest Choice platform, where the People’s Constitution campaign will take place from July 6 to October 15. The goal of this campaign is to submit to a referendum a draft Constitution written by the Public Constitutional Commission that takes into account the real interests of our people.

How do we do it?

1) We will send thousands of applications to the Constitutional Commission demanding that the draft People’s Constitution be submitted to a referendum. In addition, the democratic forces will demand the same from the House of Representatives.

2) We will hold open public and expert discussions around the draft People’s Constitution, as well as popular votes on its most important provisions — and we will finalize the document based on their results.

3) We will present the CEC with the finished draft of the People’s Constitution, and if they refuse to submit it to the referendum, we will begin to form an initiative group and collect signatures for the republican referendum on the People’s Constitution at the initiative of the citizens of Belarus.

4) We will adopt the People’s Constitution at a referendum and build on its basis the state in which we want to live: New Belarus. In case the illegitimate authorities refuse to implement the legitimate initiative of citizens, we also have an action plan.

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