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Write letters to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Justice

Belarusian political prisoners are not just illegally deprived of liberty — they are imprisoned in inhumane conditions. Lack of water and bedding, 24-hour burning lights in the cells and other humiliations — thousands of Belarusians have been through all this. Among them there are those for whom such treatment is a direct threat to their health and even life.

On May 21 political prisoner Vitold Ashurok died in Shklov colony at the age of just 50. According to the official version — from heart failure, which, according to the relatives, Vitold did not have any problems with.

Right now, hundreds more people who have been put behind bars just for daring to express their opinions publicly and oppose lawlessness are at great risk. But even in a situation of legal default and state terror, we can help them.

Write a request or a statement to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Justice about cases of inhumane treatment of political prisoners that you know of. Call the penal colony where the repressed are held and demand that they are held in proper conditions. Raise awareness about the abuse of "political" prisoners in every way you can: make a post on social media, create or sign a petition, send an appeal to international bodies. Do not allow the truth to remain behind bars. Don’t let the Belarusian heroes lose their health and their lives.

You can find examples of appeals to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Justice at this link.

This is not pointless. Thanks to public pressure, political prisoner Sergei Vereshchagin, who may lose his sight, was examined by doctors and hospitalised and given a chance to stay healthy. It is in your power to help the other political prisoners.

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