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The National Bank can no longer be trusted

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Pavel Latushka: "The "ATM-exchange-bank" campaign is our effective and safe tool. We keep the pressure on together!"

On 26 March, the NAM announced an "ATM-exchange-bank" action — after learning of the hidden, economically unjustified emission by the National Bank.

— It is already obvious to everyone that the country’s economy has been driven to the brink by the regime, and the notion of an open and independent National Bank policy has finally become a fiction.

Pavel Latushka told about what the Belarusians have already achieved through the action, and urged to keep the pressure on the regime.

— Now we have to take step number three — "The Bank" - and leave no deposit, neither in rubles, nor in foreign currency, in the banks.

Only we have the right to manage our money. Today we cannot entrust our savings to an illegitimate government.

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