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What will the police be like in New Belarus: answers to questions about the NAM’s project to reform the police

We have already received hundreds of comments on the NAM’s draft law on police reform. We have also received many questions on the subject, which confirms that the enforcement of law-and-order concerns everyone.

For convenience, we have consolidated the most frequent, relevant, and urgent questions about the reform in a special section on the project’s website — — and today we publish the first block of answers.

Is it premature for the NAM to address the issue of the reform of the MIA? How long might it take to implement the main ideas of the project? Why is rebranding the police, including renaming them, important? Would making the salaries of MIA officers public mean a breach of privacy?

The answers to these and other questions can be found here.

In the meantime, the feedback and discussion around the reform continues. Send us your thoughts and questions about the project via the feedback form on and share your views on social media with the tag #NAUreformaovd.

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