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Human rights are simply not respected

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The BBC Russian Service takes a look at what is now happening at Belaruskali

We have chosen the main thing:

  • "According to representatives of the strike committee set up since the beginning of the strike, the company management and security forces are using unprecedented repression against those who have risen in opposition to Lukashenka: they are being tortured, beaten, arrested and threatened to take away their children."

  • "Often pressure [on workers] is exerted through children. […One of the workers] was caught by the law enforcers near the kindergarten, where he brought his child: he had to run away through the fence in front of the children and the educators.

  • "The Norwegian Ministry of Trade told the BBC that the details of Yara’s cooperation with Belaruskali are part of the responsibility of the company’s management. "The Norwegian government expects companies in which the state has a stake in business to be leaders in ensuring responsible business conduct, including efforts to protect human rights and workers' rights both in their own company and in working with partners," the ministry said in an official response.

  • "Human rights are simply not respected — and this is true not only for the workers of Belaruskali, but for all Belarusians in general," Pavel Latushka, head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, told the BBC. — The fact that Yara has been turning a blind eye to this for a long time shows that business is more important to them than reputation.

  • "Belaruskali's management did not answer BBC questions".

Full story by the BBC Russian Service on the situation at Belaruskali

The National Anti-Crisis Management supports the position of the strike committee and is also in favour of Yara breaking the contract.

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