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Nobody else gives money to Lukashenka

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Using the example of the IMF campaign, we explain why this is a harmful misconception and why it is important not to ease the pressure on the regime.

Our campaign to deprive the regime of access to the billion from the IMF, which has decided to distribute reserve funds among all participating countries, has been going on for more than 2 months.

Simply because this is the distribution procedure — and it has nothing to do with non-recognition of the legitimacy of Lukashenka and his government at the political level.

But it is precisely this circumstance that can help us block access to the allocated funds for Lukashenka.

This is what we have broadcast in hundreds of letters to the Managing Director, members of the Executive Board, the Board of Governors of the IMF. Thousands of appeals in social networks — including to American senators immersed in Belarusian issues.

The diaspora actively joined our campaign, it was supported by British parliamentarians, American congressmen from the "Friends of Belarus" caucus, the Polish government took a solidarity position, the Belarusians of Lithuania launched a collection of signatures under a petition to the foreign ministers of the USA, EU and Great Britain.

And we don’t stop! Why?

Because it was our votes that made it possible to raise and bring the issue of receiving $ 1 billion from the IMF by the regime to the international level. Yes, attention to Belarus is unprecedented in the world today. But even this attention is not always enough for our partners to see all the loopholes and possible sources of funding for the regime.

What seems absolutely obvious to us is not always obvious to our allies.

That is why one cannot remain silent and expect that the situation with the IMF worries someone more than us.

The formula is simple: the louder our voices sound, the less chances the regime has of getting the coveted billion.

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