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"People's Constitution": send proposals and questions on the draft Constitution of New Belarus for the second session of the SHOD

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On July 27, the second open session on the draft Constitution of the New Belarus will be held on the platform of the people’s representatives SHOD. The topic of the hearing is "Elections and Referendum".

We invite you to share your suggestions and questions on the sections of the draft Constitution of New Belarus, concerning the procedure for holding elections and popular plebiscites in the country. Your responses will be voiced by the delegates of the SHOD at the session, and will also form the basis of a resolution that will be sent to the Public Constitutional Commission to continue work on the draft Basic Law. In addition, the commission will present at the hearing the current provisions of the document on the relevant topic.

You can send a question or proposal on the draft Constitution of New Belarus to the delegates of the SHOD:
  • by selecting your delegate on the website and clicking the "Ask a question to the delegate" button in his profile;
  • through the chatbot SHOD;
  • in courtyard and district chats, where the discussion around the project is initiated by the delegates themselves.

You can also leave feedback on the draft Constitution of the New Belarus on its official website, through the chatbot of the Svetlana Tikhanovskaya office and in the comments to thematic publications on social networks:

The second open session of the CONGRESS will take place next Tuesday, July 27th. Hearings on the topic "Human rights" are scheduled for August 3, and for August 10 — on the topic "Local self-government". Join us!

We also remind you that before August 1, you can send an appeal to the Constitutional Commission with the requirement to consider the draft Constitution of New Belarus for its submission to a referendum. This can be done using the platform’s chatbot *Honest choice in Telegram and Viber.

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