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Vision on the Police Reform for New Belarus | Block 5

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What the police will be like in New Belarus: change of image and care for employees

We present three more sections of our draft reform of the MIA, where we answer questions that concern, first of all, the current police officers.

What will their service become — both externally and internally? What will the new working conditions be like? Will there be lustration of law enforcement agencies?

This time we explain why we think it is important to change the name from militia to police and what else needs to be changed to improve the image of the officers, to transform the current repulsive image of the warrior into a respectable image of the protector. We propose specific actions for this, including the introduction of a new system of ranks while maintaining the status and level of salary.

We also tell you how you can improve the conditions of service for future police officers in Belarus: from equipping workplaces and professional training to protecting rights, the procedure for recruiting and dismissing personnel. We touch on such sensitive issues as the "bar system" and arbitrariness on the part of superiors. We reveal the true meaning of the concept of "police out of politics".

Finally, we explain why collective responsibility, mass layoffs and lustration are not the best options for building a New Belarus police force. Introducing alternative tools to punish those who have committed crimes against the people. Not only ordinary employees, but also top officials of the state.

Watch the video from Sviatlana Khilko, the head of the working group on reforming the MIA, and read the full text of the new sections of the reform.

We remind you that we offer only a project, not a ready-made solution. You can take part in the further development of the reform by sharing your ideas through the feedback form on the website and the Telegram chatbot.

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