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Let's synchronize the internal economic pressure on the regime with the Western sanctions!

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The European Union last week adopted the fourth package of sanctions, and then sectoral ones. The US, Canada and the UK have also taken new measures against the regime. Earlier, US sanctions against the petrochemical industry came into force. And now the US is considering joining the EU sectoral sanctions.

The regime changed its rhetoric from "sanctions do not work" to the opposite — "economic war" became the main leitmotif. This means only one thing — the sanctions work, and the regime is afraid of them.

At the same time, the dictator himself had long ago declared war on the Belarusians (including an economic one), knew about the impending consequences of his crimes and was actively preparing for them:

— launched a "printing press";
— prepared a "legal" basis for the introduction of a ban on foreign exchange transactions;
— planned the "big bank robbery";
— pledged state property into a "pawnshop";
— developed a "gray scheme" with bonds of the Asset Management Agency;
— turned massive repression and fines into a source of income;
— deprived Belarusians of guarantees for the return of deposits;
— made total falsifications in the reports of the National Bank.

Simply speaking, the regime intends to make up for the inevitable losses from the sanctions at the expense of the people and the sale of state property to Russian investors for debts.
The only way to prevent this is to increase internal economic pressure on the regime and synchronize it with external pressure.

1) Introduce indefinite popular sanctions: do not keep money on cards, buy currency, withdraw all deposits from banks and reduce fuel consumption as much as possible;
2) Follow 9 simple tips every day that will not allow the regime to make money on each of us;
3) Support the appeal of the NAM to the IMF and prevent the regime from receiving money from it for repression;
4) Share information with us that will prevent the regime from evading sanctions.
Remember, Western sanctions are not a silver bullet. Only by combining external and internal pressure will we be able to truly squeeze the regime in a vice!

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