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May 9 – the day of our victory, our right to honor the memory of our ancestors

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Pavel Latushka: "This year we will celebrate Victory Day in a situation when the illegitimate government unleashed a real war against the Belarusian people"

The Great Patriotic War affected every Belarusian family, every fourth Belarusian died there. Likewise, the monstrous repressions of recent months have directly or indirectly affected millions of our country’s citizens.

The Belarusians have already defeated fascism — and they will do it again. Very soon we will have another Victory Day — the Victory Day over the dictatorship.

In the light of the latest statements by the illegitimate authorities, it is important to emphasize that we have always acted and will continue to act exclusively in the spirit of non-violent protest.

May 9 is the day of our victory, a legal public holiday, and we will not allow the right to honor the memory of our ancestors to be taken away from us!

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