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We need to go out despite fatigue. Victory is near!

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Vadim Prokopiev, responsible for security issues, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense in the National Anti-Crisis Management, gave an interview to Stepan Putilo

Why the victory of the protest is close: “As Tsesler said, we continue with “Dozhimki”: we need to go out, despite fatigue and season. Victory is near! Why? There are many of us, we are more creative, smarter and more motivated than Lukashenko’s people. Yes, the siloviki have weapons, but they are not ready to use it, and if they do, they will get “a large number of evil men”. Guerrilla war with such ratios is a losing fight for the regime. I hope that we will manage with the help of peaceful pressure.

Everyone is against Lukashenko: “Lukashenko is surrounded from all sides, including from Russia. Putin is rapidly losing the Belarusian people’s sympathy. Putin really wants to solve the Belarusian problem, but he is not ready to accept the option when the street overthrows the dictator. Most probably, Putin will negotiate with the elites.”

What will happen if the protest does not win: “We will lose if we really want to. If we do not win, we will get collective farm slavery. If we do not win, our colleagues will be in prison for a long time, we will betray them.”

Victory plan: “It is simple: we unite even more, we do not stop internal and external pressure. Lukashenko is pretentious and he will bluff: to demonstrate that he still runs the country. But he will not have the intellectual strength and potential on his side. This power can only attract nonentity. We have the whole civilised world with us, even Russia is running out of patience, and it is very expensive to support dictatorship.”

Questions to Natalia Kochanova, Gennady Kazakevich and others: “Have political killings been committed in Belarus? Do you agree that if it were not for Lukashenko’s blue fingers, there would be no killing and suffering? Do you realise that you are also complicit in crimes?”

About the law enforcement agencies: “There are 10% of desperate sadists; 20% - witnesses who saw, but did not interfere; 69% - those who do not like violence, tortures and breach of the law; and 1% of golden people who left the law enforcement bodies.”

Offer to Natalya Eismont, Lukashenko’s spokesperson: “Your master is afraid to enter the boxing ring, but there is still an opportunity to save his dignity. I offer an exchange: take me hostage and release all political prisoners.”

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