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Polish lawyers supported their Belarusian colleagues

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The Polish collegium of Advocates wrote an open letter supporting Belarusian colleagues who suffered from repression.

In a letter to the Belarusian Republican Collegium of Advocates, the Polish Collegium drew attention to the fact that at the time of dispatch at least 19 advocates in Belarus had been deprived of their licenses. The reason for the revocation of licenses is the protection of victims of police violence during peaceful protests, as well as Belarusian politicians.

Also, Polish lawyers drew attention to the fact that the main reason for the existence of the advocate association is to protect the rights of the lawyers.

In addition, the Polish collegium called on its members and everyone to write letters of support to lawyers, and human rights defenders who have been repressed and are under arrest:

Many associations of lawyers around the world have come out with the support of lawyers who are being repressed in Belarus. This was done not only by the Polish Association, but also by associations of lawyers from Germany, Russia, Estonia, Europe and the United States.

The only incomprehensible position is the position of the Belarusian Republican collegium of advocates and regional collegiums of advocates, which, instead of protecting the rights of their members, defend the illegal retention of power by citizen Lukashenka.

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