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New Magdeburg Law for Belarusian cities

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New Magdeburg Law for Belarusian Cities: Lena Zhivoglod’s Proposal for the People’s Draft of the Constitution

Belarusians continue to share their ideas and opinions on the draft Constitution of the New Belarus, so that it becomes a truly national project — let us remind you that the whole country will seek its submission to a referendum.

The authors of the "People's Constitution" campaign also do not stand aside. Coordinator of the NAM and the community *Honest people Lena Zhivoglod believes that the Constitution should contain the broadest possible powers for local self-government. In her opinion, it is necessary to return to Belarus — in a modernized form — the Magdeburg Law, which will ensure maximum independence "on the ground", including the election of mayors, heads of local police, prosecutors and courts.

Earlier, the head of the NAM Pavel Latushka proposed to include in the people’s draft Constitution a provision on holding new presidential and parliamentary elections within 90 days after the document was adopted at a referendum.

You can also share your proposal for the people’s draft of the Constitution. Here’s where you can do it:

Public discussions about the draft Constitution of New Belarus will last until August 27.

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