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Questions and answers on the strategy of action in the "referendum"

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How the strategy was chosen, will there be a "Voice" and why not to take out the ballots from the polling stations.

Even before the video was published, the democratic forces had received dozens, if not hundreds, of proposals for a strategy of action in a "referendum". And we continue to process them.

Get involved in the campaign, spread information: the elaboration of the strategy and overall success depend on your opinion and ideas. And now we will answer some of the most popular questions:

  • will there be fixation on the Voice platform?
  • why not just take out the ballots from the polling stations?
  • maybe we should all write a statement refusing to participate in the "referendum"?
  • we have already recorded election fraud, what is the point of repeating?
  • and others.

How was the decision made to invalidate the ballot paper?

This decision was developed over several months as a result of exchange of views, work with sociologists, discussions, disputes and debates between representatives of various public initiatives, political headquarters, expert communities and local chats. This process continues, and everyone can become a participant. The messages voiced by the democratic forces need maximum dissemination in order to receive feedback, constructive criticism and further clarification.

Will the actions of the citizens of Belarus be recorded in any way at the "Referendum"?

Yes, and in the coming weeks we will share details about the participation in the Voice platform. A special site will be launched with all the information, where we will also share our plans to prevent fraud and work with members of election commissions in the current environment.

Why should the ballot paper be lowered into the ballot box, and not taken with you by sending a sheet with a message to the regime in the ballot box?

The goal is to demonstrate our attitude towards a system that does not represent the interests of the people of Belarus. The challenge is to invalidate most of the ballots and to have their number recorded through honest commissioners and alternative counting. A ballot paper that did not end up in the ballot box is not invalid. Instead, another can be dropped to the urn.

Why don’t we urge you to write a statement of refusal to participate in the "Referendum"?

Under these conditions, this decision, with all its advantages, is unsafe for those who are in Belarus. But this option of action can and should be discussed among those citizens of the country who are abroad.

We have already documented fraud in the 2020 elections. Why to repeat that?

Fixing falsifications is important, but this is not the main thing. The purpose of the actions during the "Referendum" is to declare that we no longer agree to imitation of democracy, no matter how the regime tries to impose its scenarios on us under the guise of constitutional reform. We have no right to ignore this action — it is silence that the regime is seeking through repression.

What time do you come to the polling stations? Do I need to identify myself or fold the ballot in a special way?

All these questions are at the stage of development, and the answers to them will depend on how events will develop. Making the final decisions and making them public now means allowing the regime to take countermeasures in advance. At this stage, it is especially important that as many people as possible know about the announced part of the strategy.

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