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We call on all Belarusians to support the NAM's appeal to the IMF to refuse in providing loans to the Lukashenka’s regime and to publicly declare it illegitimate

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At the end of June, the International Monetary Fund will decide on the distribution of additional development funds among the participating countries. Belarus can count on a payment of over $ 1 billion.

The payment that the Lukashenka regime will claim to continue to hold on to power by force, continuing the policy of repression and terror. We cannot let this happen!

The NAM has already sent a number of letters and an appeal to the IMF, in which it called on:

— Deny the Lukashenka regime the right to borrow anything.

— To issue an official statement on the suspension of the regime of access to the IMF funds, due to its illegitimacy.

And now we ask you to support this call:

1) All Belarusians — send an appeal to IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva at and put the following addresses in a copy of the letter:;;

Request template

2) Belarusians abroad — send appeals to the members of the Board of Governors representing your countries in the IMF.

Table with contacts of managers by country

Request template

Together we have a chance to cut off access to IMF funds for the Lukashenka’s regime.

Time to act!

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