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We are beginning to prepare for a new active phase of protest

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Statement by the democratic forces of Belarus

We, the Office of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the Coordination Council, the NAM,Tsepkalo, ByPol and other democratic forces are united in our assessment that Belarus has become a "black hole" on the world map because of the thoughtless actions of the illegitimate regime.

The regime is on the verge of total isolation — as never before. The European Union, the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Canada, and other countries are already acting and doing everything possible to help us, the Belarusians.

And we, Belarusians ourselves, must do our best to free political prisoners, to stop violence and to hold fair elections. We must act — the window of opportunity is open. We can wait no longer — the terror must be stopped once and for all. We are starting to prepare for a new active phase of protest.

On the first day of the meeting, we discussed:

  • Increased international pressure and concrete measures in response to Lukashenka’s actions;
  • contact with officials inside Belarus and expansion of this contact;
  • Building up the structure of the guerrilla movement within Belarus;
  • an amnesty and rehabilitation project for the protesters.

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