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Election of the judiciary: Mikhail Kirilyuk's proposal for the people's draft Constitution

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The head of the NAM team of lawyers, a member of the main staff of the Coordination Council, Mikhail Kirilyuk, joined the citizens who made their proposals for the people’s draft of the Constitution.

As a lawyer, Mikhail believes that one of the reasons why Belarusians found themselves in a situation of dictatorship and legal default is the way the judiciary is formed. Now all, with rare exceptions, judges are appointed by the president. This function can and should, according to the NAM participant, be performed through elections by the people, and responsibility to society will better motivate and discipline judges "on the ground" than strive to build a career and take a place in the system, as it is now. The judges of the highest courts can be elected by the deputies of the Parliament.

Earlier, their proposals for the people’s draft of the Constitution were also shared:

What do you think? If you have a proposal for a people’s draft Constitution or a question on the draft Constitution of New Belarus, leave it:

Public discussions of the draft Constitution of New Belarus will last until August 27. To get acquainted with the proposals and questions of citizens, as well as with the comments and answers of the Public Constitutional Commission, please follow this link.

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