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Digest: 17-30 May

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The NAM Digest: our #ЦветПротивТьмы (Color Against Darkness), a meeting of democratic forces, new common achievements and an action plan for everyone

The last two weeks have been in many ways a turning point in the Belarusians' fight for freedom. They have also been marked by a series of new joint achievements by our people and the NAM The #ЦветПротивТьмы movement, unification of democratic forces, continued isolation of the regime — read more about all of this and more in our traditional digest.

These days we all need to mobilise, because we have a whole new opportunity to win and the whole world is ready to help us. Here is what everyone can do:
— write a letter to the Prosecutor General’s Office and Ministry of Justice about cases of mistreatment of political prisoners and those serving administrative detention "for politics" that you know of;
— appeal to European and American politicians to take measures to save Roman Protasiewicz and to stop repression in Belarus;
— Create queues at banks, exchange offices and ATMs, withdraw money from cards, convert them into currency and withdraw deposits — this way you will not only save your money, but also put economic pressure on the regime;
— join the #ЦветПротивТьмы movement, in which thousands of Belarusians are already participating;
— tell us how you were subjected to political repression — this will help us prepare for the future rehabilitation process.

1: External political pressure

On 23 May, the regime hijacked a Ryanair civilian plane to arrest Belarusian journalist Roman Protasevich with the help of military aircraft.

The NAM team is doing its best to hold the regime accountable for this act of international terrorism and, among other things, called on the European Union countries, the USA, Canada, Ukraine, as well as other partner countries, companies and institutions to influence the Belarusian regime and make every effort to free Roman, his girlfriend Sofia Sapega and other political prisoners.

2: Meeting of democratic forces

The office of Sviatlana Tsihanouskaia, the Coordination Council, the National Anti-Crisis Management, Valery and Veronika Tsepkalo, ByPol and other representatives of democratic forces held an emergency meeting. At the meeting, agreements were reached on joint actions to overcome the crisis in Belarus, put pressure on Lukashenka’s regime and resolve the situation around his hijacked Ryanair plane.

A communiqué describing further steps to stabilise the political and social situation in Belarus was issued following the meeting.

3: The #ЦветПротивТьмы movement

The NAM launched the #ЦветПротивТьмы movement, supported by all democratic forces in Belarus. The project helps supporters of change see each other and protest against the actions of the illegitimate authorities in simple and safe ways. The NAM invites Belarusians to dress in white on weekends and Thursdays, participate in weekly flash mobs and join the movement in social networks, changing their avatar to white and making themed postings with the tag #ЦветПротивТьмы.

Thousands of Belarusians are already participating in the movement. You can learn more about it at

4: Our common achievements

Thanks to our joint efforts, the European Broadcasting Union froze the membership of Belteleradiocompany in the organization. For Belarusian propagandists, this means, among other things, serious image losses and restrictions on the exchange of material for programmes and broadcasts, which can also result in a drop in advertising revenue.
5: Our common achievements

The European Cycling Union has cancelled the European Cycling Championship that was due to take place in Minsk in late June. Shortly before this decision, teams from the Netherlands and Germany withdrew from the tournament because of the situation in Belarus.

Thus, the regime has lost the right to host all previously planned international sports competitions.
6: External political pressure

The German Prosecutor General has ordered the monitoring of the Lukashenka regime’s crimes, following an appeal by four German lawyers based on the testimonies of the victims of terror in Belarus.

This could be the start of future investigations against civil servants and security officials responsible for the repression of the Belarusian people.
7: Our solidarity

The NAM team took part in the Global Picket of Solidarity with Belarus, which was held in dozens of cities around the world. We joined the Belarusians in Warsaw and concerned Poles at the event in Castle Square, which attracted hundreds of people. The NAM also supported the participants of the indefinite hunger strike by brave Belarusians under the walls of the European Commission building in the Polish capital to protest against the crimes of the dictatorship. The protesters demand from Europe to impose additional sanctions against Lukashenko’s regime and recognize it as a terrorist one.

In solidarity is our strength!

8: External economic pressure

The NAM initiated an international webinar on the topic of the effectiveness of sanctions in protecting human rights and influencing the dictatorial regime to end repression and restore the rule of law in Belarus. The event was attended by the head of NAM Pavel Latushka, other Belarusian and European politicians and a representative of the oil refinery in Mozyr.

The Swedish company EKN finally refused to insure deals on supply of Siemens gas turbines to Belarus. The reason: "negative development of the situation in Belarus and new information about human rights violations".

9: It’s time to act together!

Each of you can bring closer the day of our common victory. We propose you:
— Write a letter to European and American politicians asking them to support the democratic movement in Belarus and the release of Roman Protasevich;
— to send a letter to the General Prosecutor’s Office and Ministry of Justice of Belarus about the cruel treatment of political prisoners;
— to queue up at banks, exchange offices and ATMs, as well as to withdraw all money from cards and convert it into currency, and withdraw deposits from banks;
— to join the #ЦветПротивТьмы movement;
— tell us your story of political persecution — this will help us develop a platform to build the cases of the repressed.

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